Top 10 Films That Need a Remake



Remake fatigue tends to plague fans more than the general movie going public. Studios hope they are either too young to remember the originals or fans that will go see the re-makes out of their adoration for the original. This boils down to the fact studios don’t want to risk the investment in unknown properties as new films tend to be sequels, prequels or have a substantial  existing fan base like World War Z. We are going to look at the top ten films where a remake would be justified.

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10- Red Sonja

The Brigette Neilsen  film from the Eighties , was considered a b-movie when it came out. Robert Rodriguez had begun filming a re-make of the movie six years ago when Rose Mcgowan injured herself on the set and production stopped. Mcgowan has now aged out for the role but as the demand for strong female leads seems to be on the upswing, this film could carry the perfect balance of sexy violence.

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9-The Golem

The Original was a black and white film from the 1920′s, it’s safe to say enough time has lapsed. It be cross between Frankenstein and Inglorious Bastards, the original was about a clay monster created by a rabbi to protect his village so set it in the 40′s and there you go.

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8-the Last Unicorn

A cartoon movie from 1982, so the animation looks like cave drawings compared to what a Pixar version of this film . It has all the elements that would appeal to children from 3 to 30 would want out of a fantasy film today. Even a anime version would work as the original art lends it’s self to that.

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7-Pete’s Dragon

While we are on cartoons, this Disney film from 1977 tried to blend the cartoon dragon with live action in a way that was ahead of its time, but doesn’t stand the test of time when watched today. It could be pulled off in way that  wouldn’t make it  a How to Train Your Dragon knock off.

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6-Night of the Lepus

The original horror movie was about giant rabbits that attack a town. This could have comedic value especially considering how serious the original took itself. I think if made a horror comedy in the vein of Shaun of the Dead it would work. Come on, who doesn’t like giant Rabbits.

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This really didn’t get a theatrical release, but was a t.v. mini-series from 1990. Younger audiences who have seen this on television since are unaware of this fact as it is now shown as a movie. The effects really need to be improved upon and it deserves much better treatment, the other Stephen King property this applies to is the Stand.

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4-Flash Gordon

The 1980′s version is a classic, but imagine with today’s capabilities how the beloved 1930′s  sci-fi hero could be fully realized. The Queen  theme song could get a remix by Daft Punk.

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3- Laser Blast

I mean just by looking at the monster on the movie poster of this you see what the problem is. This was made in 1978 but when I saw this movie later shown on television as a kid I loved it but wonder how even the story holds up over time, it could be changed as needed.

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Half the appeal of this 1967 take on a female James Bond styled super spy is Rachel Welch. Cast Christina Hendricks and the budget will take care of the movies more up to date elements.

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1-  Creature From the Black Lagoon

The Gill-Man is one of Universals most beloved monsters , it would have to be done in a way that kept him intact just did away with the zipper on the 1954 version’s   rubber suit and not get too carried away with CGI, allowing for liberal use of practical effects.