Top 10 Most Innovative Sneakers

cover photo1 Top 10 Most Innovative Sneakers
Ever since sneakers started to gain global popularity power brands such as Nike, Reebok, and Adidas have been steadily looking for different ways to create innovative sneakers that stand out among the competition. Along the way we often see some of the most creative shoes to ever be designed while competitors continue to push the limits. For every Jeremy Scott Adidas shoe designed is a Kanye West waiting in the background for Nike to give a call to. It’s literally tit for tat and we the consumers enjoy these competitions for the most part. Sneakerheads will sit and complain about the ridiculous prices of these cutting-edge sneakers yet be standing in line to get two pairs because they are just that: one of a kind. Today we take a look at the top innovative sneakers to come out over the years.
Marty Mcfly
marty mcfly1 Top 10 Most Innovative Sneakers
Back in September of 2011 this sneaker took the world by storm. Only 1500 pairs were made of the signature sneaker that first appeared in the 90′s classic movie “Back to the Future”, and they released via Ebay creating a world wide web frenzy the moment bidding was opened. Celebrities and athletes such as Chad Johnson were said have paid as much as $8000 USD to secure a pair. All the proceeds went to the Michael J. Fox Foundation for the continued studies and awareness with Parkinson’s Disease. That gave extra gratitude to those who were fortunate to cash out for a pair.
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Jeremy Scott Adidas Originals
cover21 Top 10 Most Innovative Sneakers
We saw our favorite artists wearing them and we instantly wanted a pair, simple as that. And that was Jeremy Scott and Adidas’ plan when they decided to collab and create this unique sneaker back in 2008. You see a range artists from Avril Lavigne to ASAP Rocky sporting these flashy kicks. The wing tip high tops and teddy bear shoes continue to be a hit on the sneaker market as they sell out quickly due to their fairly reasonable price tag compared to other “innovative” sneakers.
jeremyscott1 Top 10 Most Innovative Sneakers
Nike SB High “De La Soul” 
de la soul hi2 Top 10 Most Innovative Sneakers
These “De La Soul” Nike SBs are easily considered a “holy grail” to sneakerheads world wide and with very good reason. If you were a fan of the 90s Hip Hop group then this shoe was a must have when it debuted in 2008. The heel of the shoe featured a hologram from the cover of the 3 Feet High and Rising album, and the elephant print and flower patterns embodied the art in De La Soul. This is by far one the best collaborations to date. Retro anyone?
de la soul hi Top 10 Most Innovative Sneakers
Nike air jordan IX “Concord”
concord2 Top 10 Most Innovative Sneakers
This sneaker was easily the most distinctive of the air jordan series. The concord air jordan IX model was debuted when Jordan decided to return to basketball after his stint with baseball. The designer of this iconic shoe, Tinker Hatfield, actually made the shoe hoping that Michael would return and the show assured he would come back with bang. The smooth patent leather and white/black colorway set it apart from every other sneaker on the court and Jordan was fined because of it to a tune of $5,000 USD a game. However Jordan had been accustomed to fines as it had occurred many times in the past for his rather “non-traditional” colorways. The concord model  surely followed suit and is widely regarded as his best shoe ever.
concord1 Top 10 Most Innovative Sneakers
Nike Air Yeezy
air yeezy1 Top 10 Most Innovative Sneakers
The Nike Air Yeezy was Hip Hop Mogul Kanye West’s first official collaboration with Nike. It debuted back in 2009 and disappeared from stores around the world just as quick as they came. The sneaker was easily the most hyped sneaker on the market especially because Kanye only released 3,000 total pairs which sold for as much as $2,750 USD retail due to limitations. But with the very unique design and distinct colorway you were very lucky if you grabbed a pair.
air yeezy2 Top 10 Most Innovative Sneakers
Nike Air Foamposite
foam2 Top 10 Most Innovative Sneakers
Rumored to cost millions to develop, the foamposite technology has continued to change the sneaker game in a positive manner. The shape is molded to perfectly fit your foot almost like a sock. The actual sneaker is very lightweight and fashionable which made it as hit among sneakerheads and athletes. And having a NBA baller like Penny Hardaway as a brand ambassador doesn’t hurt the popularity neither. Even though Penny has long retired the sneakers still regularly sell out and Nike has started to incorporate the foamposite technology with other sneakers within the brand in hopes of having the same effect on the market.
foam1 Top 10 Most Innovative Sneakers
Reebok Pump
reebokpumps2 Top 10 Most Innovative Sneakers
Who can forget that shoes that gave you super powers when you pumped them up? Dee Brown made every kid beg their parents for a pair back in the 1991 NBA Dunk Contest when he did a breathtaking slam after giving his Reebok’s a few pumps. Reebok was clearly ahead of their time when they debuted this classic sneaker back in 1989. But it was this shoe that sparked other brands such as Adidas and Nike to counter with their own creations. Mission accomplished Reebok.
reebokpumps1 Top 10 Most Innovative Sneakers
Nike Air “Shox”
shox1 Top 10 Most Innovative Sneakers
Keeping up with the NBA player theme, remember back in 2004 when Vince Carter solidified himself as the best dunker in NBA history? He instantly pushed the Nike Shox series into the forefront of the sneaker market. He could absolutely jump out the gym in his prime and admirers around the world gravitated towards those sneakers that featured a spring-like mechanism on the heel of the shoe. Nike claimed that those actual shox’s not only absorbed impact on the heel when running but also added more power to a runner’s stride. It was hard to not get a pair just to test out the theory.
shox2 Top 10 Most Innovative Sneakers
Louis Vuitton “Jaspers”
jaspers1 Top 10 Most Innovative Sneakers
Before Hip Hop Mogul Kanye West got his own shoe he was busy interning and designing sneakers for high end retailer Louis Vuitton. Back in 2009 he debuted five different colorways and three different models of the “Jasper” sneaker. The sneakers were said to have consisted of the finest material resulting in a high quality shoe. The design itself was different was different from any other high end sneaker on the market. All that may explain the steep pricetag of $1500 USD and up but its hard to argue that they’re not worth every penny.
jaspers2 Top 10 Most Innovative Sneakers
Nike Air Kobe System 8
kobesystem2 Top 10 Most Innovative Sneakers
The Kobe System series is by far the most distinct shoe we’ve seen Mr. Bryant wear over the years, Its said to be the lightest sneaker on the market. That must explain how the Mamba is able to get up and down the court so fast at his ripe age. In fact he nicknamed one of his colorways “The Black Mamba” after the deadliest, sneakiest snake in the world and similar to his competitive nature. With its camouflage type colors and sleek design the name suits it quite perfectly.
kobesystem1 Top 10 Most Innovative Sneakers