Top 10 Most Needed Marvel Movies



In the next phase, which is post-Avengers 2 or somewhere in that neighborhood, we know Ant-man, Black Panther and Dr. Strange are in production. So lets take a look at what other new properties could be introduced to broaden the cinematic universe.

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10-Heroes For Hire

Luke Cage and  Iron-fist, is a buddy cop movie, think Lethal Weapon with powers. Much more grounded away from the spandex world and can introduce other characters on the street level like Misty Knight, White Tiger, and even a good entry point for Sliver Sable , Hell Cat or Paladin..

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Jessica Drew has known plenty of drama. With S.H.E.I.L.D  ties to connect her to the rest of the movie-verse she could be thrown the 3rd Avengers Movie. She could support her own film better than Ms. Marvel, while her rogues gallery isn’t the strongest neither is Power-man or Iron Fist’s .

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This would show the more ruthless side Xavier’s dream.Would work in the still untapped mutants like Cable , Bishop, Pyslocke, Domino and Cypher, Would have to take place down the line when Marvel regains their mutant rights, as they can not refer to Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch as mutants in the Avenger’s sequel.

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 7-In-Humans -

Game of Thrones in space, perhaps more workable as a t.v show. Are the In-humans like the Sliver Surfer and are tied up in the rights to the Fantastic Four?

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If not handled carefully could will come across like a Bat-Man knock off because …well, he is. The darker more psychotic elements of the character could take it the direction of  Dexter in a Costume.

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5-Alpha Flight

The Canadian version of the Avengers has plenty of fun characters to work with like Sasquatch, Puck and Snowbird, they still need something else to  differentiate them from the Avengers. The best comics of the team focused on a more complex family dynamic, this could make them more effective as a drama where they happen to be superheroes.

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The current incarnation of the team wouldn’t work, but  a team of reformed super-villains would work like a bigger budget, more in your face version of the BBC show Misfits. The key would be name recognition of the brand being stepped up.

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3-The Defenders-

More than likely a spin off of Dr.Strange, perhsps the sub title of the Dr. Strange sequel. It could reintroduce the Sliver Surfer under the Marvel Banner, along with Namor, and Valkyrie.The Hulk might be a good cameo but over reliance on him would drag it back into Avengers territory.


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2-Warlock- I’m willing to bet anything,he is not going to appear in the Guardians of the Galaxy despite his connection to the team. He would add a different dimension of cosmic mysticism to that world. His look might need to be revised when brought  to life.

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1-Vision- Of course the depends on if he is introduced into the Avengers, if not if gives them a chance to weave a super-powered soap opera that could include some already familiar face to the screen Scarlet Witch and Ant-man, it would also provide an opportunity to bring Wonder-man and Wasp to the screen and have Ultron as the Villains in this android epic.