Top 10 Rock Albums of 2013 …so far


Time flies when you are having fun and we’re now at the half-way point of 2013 so let’s take a look at the year’s ten best rock albums to roll out thus far.

imgres qxk59h Top 10 Rock Albums of 2013 far

10-The Eldritch Dark by Blood Ceremony

Taking the lead  in the pack of bands being called “occult rock” , this Canadian band channels the stoner pantheon of rock gods from Sabbath to Tull. Alia O’Brian not only can summon up a commanding rock voice but lays down some jaw dropping flute and organ solos.

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9-Silence Yourself by Savages

This all-female band of Brits pumped out one of the most driving albums of post-punk I have heard in some time. This album is quickly gaining them exposure and setting them on a trajectory to be the next Yeah Yeah Yeahs.

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8-Whenever, If Ever by the World is a Beautiful & I am No Longer Afraid to Die

The longest band name of the year for sure. This young punk band from Willimantic CT, is taking back emo from Taking Back Sunday and creating some interestingly arranged burst of emotion with relying on Myspace hair cuts.

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7-Odd-fellows by Tomahawk

Mike Patton returns with his super group to make one of the most catchy albums since his Faith No More days. They don’t sacrifice much in the way of their normal dark angular grit in doing so.

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6- Har Nevo by the Black Heart  Rebellion

One of the darkest most intense albums to come out in some time that is metal in feel but not by definition.  To call this brooding would be an understatement as the murder boiling under the surface of this soundtrack to frustration is tangible to the ears.

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5-Weapon by Skinny Puppy

They have shed some of the industrial grit to spew to life some dark edm that holds enough of their signature sound intact to satisfy long time fans. The song writing is on point to make up for the lack of abrasion.

imgres sognez Top 10 Rock Albums of 2013 far

4-Totale Nite by Merchandise

I normally dismiss e.p.s but these five songs are much better than most bands can churn out in an entire career. The Tampa trio started smoking pot and going to goth clubs and shifted from punk to something more like the Smiths having and orgy with My Bloody Valentine.

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3-Push the Sky Away by Nick Cave

Cave puts a smooth coat of refinery on his latest batch of Murder Ballads . This go around he is more contemplative of his own mortality. His voice hasn’t sounded this good in years.

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Kveikur by Sigur Ros

The shoe gazing champions of Iceland strip down to a three piece and hit their most powerful work yet. It has more teeth to it than they wandering soundtracks to fairy land that have woven in the past.

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