Top 10 Wrestlers From the 80′s


Without question the 80′S were the golden years for wrestling the NWA and WWF were  locked in competition with each other trying to gain the upper hand in rating and getting more over the top. While Hulk Hogan brought a amazing brand-able charisma he would be too easy of a choice so lets look at who aside from Hogan made wrestling great.

Brutus Beefcake wwe superstar 1 aacveg Top 10 Wrestlers From the 80s

10-Brutus Beefcake-6′ 4″ 270

Later known as Brutus the Barber BeefCake, I thought he worked better as the more charismatic member of the tag team he held with the Hammer Valentine, they dominated the WWF for the first half of the 80′s.

awarr j2tk9n Top 10 Wrestlers From the 80s9-the Ultimate Warrior -6″3″  280lbs

What he lacked in moves, he made up for in presence in the ring. Before he hit the WWF he wrestled as a tag team along side Sting calling themselves the Blade Runners. He added a very dynamic show bix element to his presentation which might have been just “Roid Raging,

roddy lex2up Top 10 Wrestlers From the 80s   8-Rowdy Roddy Piper- 6’2″  220 Lbs

It was what he did out of the ring , namely his show Piper’s pit that made him the man. He did hang tough in a feud with Hulk Hogan for sometime so what tough enough to sell that even though he was not that big of a guy.

niki rvdwa7 Top 10 Wrestlers From the 80s

7-Nikita Koloff – 6′ 3″  267lbs

Scott Simpson billed himself as being from Russia to play of the Cold War of the 80′s and he fooled me as a kid. He was good in the ring he couldn’t stay a heel and eventually partnered up with Dusty Rhodes.

14 Magnum TA 01 ai5vaq Top 10 Wrestlers From the 80s

6-Magnum T.A- 6′ 3″ 245l bs

Don’t be fooled by his John Holmes mullet, he dominated the NWA until he was put out of commission by a car accident. His belly to belly suplex wasn’t the strongest finisher but was pretty versatile in the ring to make up for it.

 texas tornado kerry von erich in action jw50n9 Top 10 Wrestlers From the 80s

5-Kerry Von Erich- 6′ 2″ 254 lbs

The Texas Tornado was the star of a wrestling family that feuded across the lone-star state with the Fabulous Free Birds, but it was his matches with Ric Flair that remain classic in my mind. He died of a drug overdose in 93.

Lex Luger1 d9erwd Top 10 Wrestlers From the 80s

4-Lex Luger -6′ 4″ 275 lbs

Luger’ physique looked like he walked out of a comic book.  His standing back breaker became known as the torture rack and he was one of the few wrestlers who could successfully transition back and forth between WCW and WWF.

rickydragon hqr8v3 Top 10 Wrestlers From the 80s

3-Ricky the Dragon Steamboat-5′ 10″ 245 lbs

Was one of the first wrestling to blend martial arts in the ring. He is well known for his time in the WWF, but had a great feud with Ric Flair in the early 80s for the NWA title.

dusty1 xybzjd Top 10 Wrestlers From the 80s2-Dusty Rhodes 6′ 2″ 302 lbs

The American Dream was almost  more entertaining when handed the mic  than in the ring if not for his wrestling style which found him dancing into exaggerated wrestling moves,

flair iseow0 Top 10 Wrestlers From the 80s

1-Ric Flair 6′ 1″ 240 lbs

His out of the ring banter influenced modern wrestlers like the Rock, and he showboats like no other. If you were a fan of Flair’s you spent the entire match on the edge of your seat watch him getting dramatically knocked over the ropes , until he finally slapped the figure four leg lock on them. To be the man you’ve got to beat the man and ride space mountain all night long.