Top 2 Mistakes Men Make In Bed


had sex with comittment pho 600x450 Top 2 Mistakes Men Make In BedEverything you are about to read below does not apply if you are not planning on seeing the girl again. In the case of a one night stand or a drunken hookup, don’t worry about being “good” in bed. That’s your time to be selfish, so press on you two hump chump! BUT if you want to get a girl back in the sack, or you’re having issues with your girlfriend then pay attention. minka kelly sex tape e1359572563188 Top 2 Mistakes Men Make In Bed

1. Men often assume that women don’t have a sex drive that is equivalent or even comparable to that of a man. Given the prevalence or internet pornography, strip clubs, and prostitutes, this is an easy misconception to attain. The harm in thinking that women don’t want sex as much as you do comes when it affects your confidence. We all know that confidence is key. You need to approach women as though they want it just as much as you, but take care to keep in mind that they go about it differently. If you attempt to turn her on the way you would want to be turned on, you fail. If she gets the impression that you’re thinking about what’s in her pants before she thinks about what’s in your pants, you fail. This segways nicely into my next point.

2. You can’t skip foreplay. Somethings can be compressed, such as air. Somethings cannot be compress, such as water and foreplay. To a woman, foreplay is as important as sex. To men, foreplay means next to nothing and so they try to trim it down. It’s an understandable thing to if you live by what you see on the movies. But real life sex seldom plays out as it does in movies. Understand that nature favors males who disseminate their DNA as quickly and widely as possible. Evolution works that way for men. For women it’s different. Nature favors women who mate with men that stick around. See where this is going? Pretend her genitals don’t exist. If you’re observant, then you’ll recognize the right time to acknowledge them. The longer the foreplay is the better. And foreplay doesn’t necessarily have to be sexual. I’m sure all the creative ones out there will find ways to extend foreplay to several hours before insertion. Those who do will receive payoff.

What about afterplay? Well afterplay is anything that doesn’t involve leaving. Cuddling, namely. If you do it, you’re more likely to get with her again and more likely to get into a relationship. If you’re already in one, then you probably like afterplay…chump.So sex ... e1359572615306 Top 2 Mistakes Men Make In Bed

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Top 2 Mistakes Men Make In Bed