Top 5 Hooks From Future


future hfxxzi Top 5 Hooks From Future

Future is one of the most sought out artists in present-day Hip-Hop mostly because of his ability to hop on a track and completely murder the hook. It’s like he adds another dimension to the song without really even doing much. Just that added touch that is necessary to turn an O.K. song to a hit. In a sense, although Teddy would probably not agree, you can say he’s better than this generations T-Pain as he has dominated the radio waves since he’s jumped on the scene. With initial bangers that circulated Atlanta with ubiquity such as Same Damn Time and Tony Montana, he has continued to elevate his Free Bandz team up into the industry. Although, pretty much every hook Future has done is hot I narrowed down 5 of his most significant demonstrations.

Check it out below.


This is actually one of my favorite jams right now because of the vibe of it. It’s not so much of what he’s saying but just the feeling and emotion behind it that’s appealing. Couple that with some 808′s and you got yourself a smash. All of you Hip-Hop extremists that think everything should still sound like 90′s Mobb Deep are behind the curve.


This is an Ace Hood track that, if not for Future, would not have gotten as much attention as it get’s in the club. Half of us don’t even know what “I come looking for you with Hatians” means but it doesn’t matter because it’s provocative. It get’s the people going. *insert laugh track*


This was Rocko’s song and U.O.E.N.O. Enough said.


I honestly don’t know what the authentic title of this one is because there are essentially two distinct hooks – one being from Drake, and one being from Future. Wayne could have spat gibberish on this one and it would have gotten radio play (oh, wait).


And this is just that sh*t…period

Top 5 Hooks From Future