Top 5 MLB Pranks


You gotta love hearing a good prank story. It seems like most pro baseball players could have a career in comedy if baseball didn’t work out. Check out some of the stories from the guy’s themselves and what disgusting prank earned the top spot.

5. Ryan Zimmerman – Washington Nationals.
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“Tony Beasly, our 3rd base coach two years ago, got this brand new car and he was all excited. During the game we had one of the clubhouse kids get his keys and we had the security guy move it. When he came out after the game, he thought his car was stolen. He’s a real religious guy and his son came in the next day and said it was the first time he’s ever heard his dad cuss.”

4. Torii Hunter – Detroit Tigers.
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“When I was with the Twins, David Ortiz, ‘Big Papi’, was with us and Corey Koskie put peanut butter in his underwear. So David got out of the shower and he’s talking and laughing. Everybody’s talking to him but we knew that peanut butter was in his underwear. Then put his pants on, put his shirt on, put his shoes on, walked out about 10 yards and then felt something funny and started getting upset and screaming at everybody, ‘Who put peanut butter in my underwear? What’s in my underwear?’ He’s probably used to mushy stuff.”

3. Eric Byrnes – retired.
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“Adam Piatt came back to play us in Oakland when I was there and there were some people who wanted to get him back for practical jokes he’s played on them. You’ve heard of people Icy Hot-ing the jockstrap or the underwear, well we did that to his regular underwear and draped his entire suit with the Icy Hot stuff. Halfway to the airport he started profusely sweating and he couldn’t figure out why. He later said it was the most miserable plane ride ever.”

2. Adam LaRoche – Washington Nationals
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(With the Pittsburg Pirates at the time of the prank against the Braves, his former team). “And it just came to my head to pull out everybody’s underwear and sliding shorts, take a pair of scissors and cut the crotch out of everybody’s gear. I say everybody; I didn’t have the heart to get Bobby [Cox]. I couldn’t do that. But I got a lot of the coaches and just about all of the players, and then I wrote on the big board — Kevin, you might remember this. I’ll keep it clean, but I wrote on the dry erase board, I said, Hey boys, good luck and play balls out — LaRoche.”

1. Tim Hudson – Atlanta Braves
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(LaRoche tells the story of the prank that was in retaliation to his own). “I came in, it was getaway day, so they did the standard cut my suit up. Took my dress shirt, froze it. Cut all my equipment up, batting gloves, bats were broken. And then probably the grossest thing I’ve ever seen, Tim Hudson takes my backup first base glove and stuffs human feces up in the fingers of my glove. So needless to say I had to throw that glove away. Never got to use it again. Pretty disgusting.”

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Top 5 MLB Pranks