Top 5 venomous animals


It’s like I always say, what good is urban fashion if a venomous animal lays your ass to rest with venom? Game over. You need to be aware of the venomous animals that can turn your happy day upside down. Like this stonefish below. That mother has venomous dorsal spines. That means your going to need a size 14 kx1 just to fit your swollen foot.

5. Stonefish

stonefishjpg1 Top 5 venomous animals

Venomous Phylogeny: Dorsal spines
Habitat: Coasts regions of Indo-Pacific oceans/Florida/Caribbean

4. Blue-Ringed Octopusblue ringed octopus e1361912164400 Top 5 venomous animals

Venomous Phylogeny:  The toxin is produced by bacteria in the salivary glands
Habitat: Tide pools and coral reefs in the Pacific and Indian Oceans,

3. Inland Taipan
inland taipan e1361912202494 Top 5 venomous animals

Venomous Phylogeny: Fangs/venom glands
Arid regions of central Australia

2. Brazilian Wandering Spider

brazilian Wandering spider Top 5 venomous animals

Venom: Neurotoxin causing loss of muscle control and breathing problems, resulting in paralysis and eventual asphyxiation.
Tropical South America

1. Box Jellyfishbox jellyfish e1361912703981 Top 5 venomous animals

Venomous Phylogeny: Each tentacle has about 500,000 cnidocytes, containing nematocysts, a harpoon-shaped microscopic mechanism that injects venom into the victim
Habitat:  Tropical and subtropical oceans, including the Atlantic and east Pacific/California/the Mediterranean/Japan and as far south as South Africa

Image Source: blogspot, environmentalgraffiti, deviantart, spiderzrule

Top 5 venomous animals