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Whether you’re an eighties baby or not, arcades are America’s favorite pastime.  Arcade games have an overwhelming power of allowing adults AND kids alike to have tons of fun, following arrows on a screen to try to make dance moves – to eating yellow dots while you get chased by invisible ghosts.   Nobody thought twice about throwing their hard-earned quarters away trying to earn a top score – it was the most innocent fun you’ll ever have and still is.  Here are some of the Top Arcade Games from over the years that brought you so much joy!

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Dance Dance Revolution

When DDR hit the states, it brought on a whole new way to play and interact with the game.  Whether or not you have rhythm, you wanted to try this thing out, and you’ll probably still see them floating around your local mall.  It was not only fun, it gave you exercise and it influenced other popular games like Guitar Hero.

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Personally, this game drove me nuts.  I could never cross the road without dying, but that was also the charm of it all.  You kept throwing your change away to get that damn frog across the busy street.  Frogger wasn’t just about a frog, it was about how the most simplest task could become very overwhelming.  Psychologically, this game evoked many emotions for young teens – you want the hero to succeed.  A poor frog, trapped on a superhighway – like a poor child stuck in a big confusing world.

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Another simple, yet addicting game – Tetris has sold millions of copies on hundreds of platforms and is still popular to this day.  Published by Atari and not Nintendo – it was also the first time the ‘wall kick’ (allowing for rotation of pieces against the right and left walls) was available.  Why mess with a winning formula?

Rampage ihak9o Top Arcade Games


A simple concept: Movie monsters wreaking havoc on a city and causing as much destruction as possible.  As you played the monster of your choice, ‘bad guys’ tried to distract you from the task at hand.  Cops, the Army, scientists, or even turning on each other made for a twist of fate – heck, you could even play multi-player against your rival monster.  Way before games had complex environments, the simple layout allowed gamers to have a taste of destruction.

Pac Man xsa4sa Top Arcade Games


It all stemmed from the idea of a pizza pie missing 1 slice.  This in itself became known as the greatest and most celebrated 80’s arcade game of all time!  A maze full of dots for Pac-Man to eat and some occasional bonus fruit – that might disappear if you don’t hurry up!  The ghosts are chasing you and they’ll get faster, the boards will get harder and eventually it’s an all-out endurance challenge.  The 256th board has never been surpassed and only 6 individuals have obtained the highest score ever – 3,333,360Blinky, Pinky, Inky and Clyde all have their own complex movement patterns, and aside from your own joystick movements, you can learn them since there are entire websites dedicated to each one.  Pac-Man created a worldwide phenomenon and is still going strong!

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Top Arcade Games