Top Fatalities in Mortal Kombat


Mortal Kombat is known for its ultimate, uncensored, and unadulterated brutality. That’s why we know and love it, right? Out of all the untamed gruesome moves, which are some of the most notable? Here are a few. If you get a little queasy, then I’d lean now, but since you’re here already, you know what to expect.

Cyber Sub-Zero: Kold Fusion

Sometimes, the best way to win is to take everyone down with you. Cyber Sub-Zero latches onto the enemy and blows everything sky high in frozen bits and pieces with this hara-kiri fatality.

Sub-Zero: Spinal Smash

Another frozen catastrophe. After ripping out the enemy’s spinal cord, Sub-Zero has the audacity to freeze them and smash them to frozen bits with their own spine (skull attachment is included).

Quan Chi: Beat Down

There are many ways to alleviate anger. Sometimes, beating around the bush isn’t as fun as just beating it down mercilessly. That’s exactly what Quan Chi does as he rips off his enemy’s leg and just beats them to his furious heart’s content.

Cyrax: Internal Grinder

This one is an older but a goodie, as they say. Unlike a few other fatalities, this one doesn’t carry over into the later MK releases. After tenderizing his opponent, Cyrax draws his opponent into his chest and makes a meat slushie out of them. But he’s not about that life so he just spits ‘em back out.

Noob Saibot: Make a Wish

Thanksgiving’s over; it’s time to take a wish bone from the turkey and split that bad boy. But instead of turkey, it’s an opponent, and Thanksgiving is hand-to-hand combat, but hey. It’s the thought that counts. I’m not sure the victim will feel the same.

Sektor: The Scarecrow

This is a strong fatality and a personal favourite. Sektor is a powerful Lin Kuei. The only thing that makes me him more formidable is the fact that he’s a cyborg. With this fatality, he shows no mercy to his living (or even mechanical) foes by splitting them apart in every sense.

Sheeva: Stripped Down

This four-armed dynamo was never the gentle type, but she tries to be. She wants to show her appreciate for a good battle by clapping her foes on the shoulders. And then ripping their flesh off.

Baraka: Take a Spin

This Tarkatan is an absolutely hideous fighter. His unpleasant face and hideous personality sink deep into his fighting style. He’s thirsty for vengeance and domination and one of the most effective ways is to knock down the enemy bit by bit.

Smoke: Smoked Out

When destroying someone, it’s best to work from the inside out. Smoke is a strong opponent who goes deep into an opponent’s being. Nothing is safe. Mind, body, soul, they’re all meaningless.

Kitana: Kiss of Death

Another old one that’s still pretty gruesome in its own right. It’s a very self-explanatory move. Princess Kitana kisses her opponent and steps away as they start to feel the true effects of her affection.

Shao Khan: Double Down

“Move. Get out the way.” The best and only way to describe the Emperor of Outrealm’s aggressive move.

Honorable Mention: Mileena stage death

Mileena alone is enough to stir up a few nightmares, but her death in one of the stages is surefire nightmare fuel. If the link doesn’t take you where you need to go, fast click to 1:04.

Gruesome Fatalities in Mortal Kombat