Torrent? Nah, Youtube to Mp3


Sure, free music is convenient. With a high speed internet connection and the right number of seeds you can actually steal and entire discography faster than you could buy it from a store. Torrenting is illegal, therefore not altogether safe. You might fined yourself find. Alas, sometimes the cost of theft is too great for even the trouble makers.

piracy e1359745424923 Torrent? Nah, Youtube to Mp3

Most of you should know about youtube to mp3. The reason I’m posting this link is to make sure you do, because a friend of mine just found out about it. He’s been missing out all this time. Alas…

This service strips the audio from a youtube video and makes an mp3 file out of it. If the video has sound you don’t want as part of the rest of the audio, use audacity to edit out unwanted sections.

Youtube to Mp3

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Torrent? Nah, Youtube to Mp3