Trouble at EA


Electronic Arts, one of the biggest names in the gaming industry announced earlier today that it was laying off more employees. The exact head count has not been released but this is not the first time this year that EA has been forced to lay off workers.

Back in April EA laid off approximately 900 employees due to their “higher than projected” operating costs. At the same time the company announced that the cost of restructuring was going to be 16 million dollars, nothing to scoff at.

Just days after the April layoffs the Consumerist granted “The Worst Company of the Year Award” to EA. This is the second year in a row EA has received this award. The company did not get this less than glamorous award solely based on the recent layoffs. There were many other contributing factors including a server complication with their popular game The Sims which left consumers without access to the game for days on end.

the sims 3 pets front cover 95324 Trouble at EA

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A high ranking company official has also publicly reported that by the end of the fiscal year EA has plans for more layoffs. The restructuring will reduce the overall workforce of the company by approximately 10%.

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I’m sure we have all played EA games at one point and to see such a great company go through such dramatic obstacles is a bit disheartening. What do you guys think of the recent EA layoffs? Do they seem fair? Give me your perspective in the comments section below.

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