Uncertainty About Goodell’s Role Is Holding Up HGH Decision


Roger Goodell gauqio Uncertainty About Goodells Role Is Holding Up HGH Decision

It seems that Commissioner Roger Goodell and his role in the appeals process for players who test positive for Human Growth Hormone, known as HGH, is stopping the finalization of the agreement for how to handle the testing of players for PED’s. Goodell wants to hear appeals for players other than those who have already tested positive. Currently the commissioner hears appeals for those who have violated the leagues rules, but that do not have a positive blood test. Apparently the NFL Players Association would like for that aspect of the appeals process to be held by a third party along with positive drug tests.

Since the league and the union agreed to have players tested in 2011 no players have been given any testing for HGH because the two groups have spent so much time negotiating the details. The sides have been able to agree to a population study to establish how many players are using HGH, random blood testing beginning the first week of regular season, and when players do test positive they can be suspended for eight games without pay.

The league believes that they have made several concessions to the NFLPA, including the level of punishments that players who violate policy receive. They are insisting that the union agree to have Goodell keep his position in the appeals process before testing can begin for the season.

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Uncertainty About Goodell’s Role Is Holding Up HGH Decision