Undercover Leopard Print Ponyskin Slip-Ons


Animal prints seem to be an element of fashion that has always been there but is now becoming much more widely acceptable. Usually worn by women, the Leopard print concept has now made it’s way via trend to the male market as well. This doesn’t seem to be letting up as shoewear label Undercover releases a entirely ponyskin infested slip-on shoe. The shoe can be witnessed with an all over leopard print blotted throughout on a base of tan. While the outside portion of the shoe is intrusively spotted all the way through the sole is left plain and white. This is a perfect representation of comfort and style working together for the greater good.

Check out the sneaker below.

undercover leopard print ponyskin slip ons 1 Undercover Leopard Print Ponyskin Slip Ons

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Undercover Leopard Print Ponyskin Slip-Ons