Urban Fashion Trends


Fashion trends change fast in the urban world, what the streets think is hot one day will quickly become undesirable. Ever wondered what controlled the trends we see in urban fashion? It is actually the urban scene itself. When Most designers set out to create a new trend they take to the streets for fashion ideas, turning relatively uninspired pieces into the trends that everyone is looking for. Even with Fashion Trends sometimes being pulled from the urban world, some high end fashion also appeals to urban buyers which creates a sort of crossover effect. On one hand you have urban designers being inspired to create more high end pieces and the trends of the urban world being considered more and more high fashion themselves.

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Trends on Urban Fasion grow alongside the success of the Hip Hop culture. The tide changes based on the needs of the designers to keep up with the fast moving fashion trends of the streets and the influence that high end fashion has on the urban culture. Artists who run clothing labels tend to have the upper hand in this niche only because they have worldwide access to high end fashions as well as an influence in the multiple societies that make up the urban diaspora.

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Image Source: LRG, Wish ATL

Urban Fashion Trends