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Urban style clothing has been around at this point for a while. Everyone either wants it or wants in on it. So where does the urban style come from? More importantly, if you wanted to throw together an urban look, where do you get the clothes?

Allow us here at Soletron to address your questions, urban clothes are kind of our thing. When it comes to fashion and urban brands we are literally experts, but with so much variety it is hard to keep track of latest trends, hottest brands. Enter the blogosphere. This is the go to for all things style and clothes.

Soletron is first up on the list, we do the best in covering latest styles, new urban designers, and clothing and shoe styles based on celeb influence. You can always check out our homepage for the latest on who’s rocking the hottest sneakers or scoring sneaker deals even. I mention the shoes of course because when it comes to Urban Style, the shoes make the man, or woman.

Just for the sake of variety, let’s throw Hypebeast in the mix. In addition to being one of the hottest urban brands, Hypebeast has a style and fashion blogging element on their site that is a must see for anyone looking to touch up their urban wardrobe.

The last site is for the creators, I did not forget about you. Threadless.com is a site that allows uses to submit designs and pays a portion to the designer if they sell. Top sellers receive incentives and you don’t have to worry about the cost of printing and shipping tees.

So there you have it, great sites that offer extensive looks for any Urbanite. Whether you want to broadcast your own creations or just complete a look of your own, you have a complete list of sites catered towards urban style clothes.

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Urban Style Clothes