Valentine’s Day Proposal Prank (video)


marriage proposal expression Valentines Day Proposal Prank (video)Marriage is an anachronism. No longer is it so important in our culture to pass our names along to our sons so that they can inherit land and whatnot. If you’re a man, and you get married, you are taking a gamble. You are essentially betting half of all your money and assets that the partnership will work. And for what? Marriage is just a title. Many unwed couples have far healthier relationships than those of wed couples. Marriage doesn’t mean that you and your spouse automatically trust each other. In my mind, it means nothing actual. It’s falsely romantic mind set. Marriage is all for show. An unnatural state of being. Say you go to the courthouse today with your girlfriend and the two of you sign a legal document that says your married. Is anything different? Not really. Then go back to the courthouse the next day and get divorced. Is anything different? NO!

Now, watch this Valentine’s Day Proposal Prank video, brought to you by PrankVsPrank!

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Image Source: jameslsy

Valentine’s Day Proposal Prank