Vans ‘Hula Camo’ Pack


Get ready to break out the Hawaiian shirts. The most recent selection from vans gives us an early taste of summer in the spring time. The vans ‘Hula Camo’  gives the basic sneakers a tropical look. This colorway is sure to make waves among the sneaker community.

AUTHENTIC CA HULACAMO 31213 1 1000 zpsde948569 e1363197694830 Vans Hula Camo Pack MADERO HULA CAMO VANS e1363198148100 Vans Hula Camo Pack

Vans Authentic Hula Camo Header e1363199856408 Vans Hula Camo Pack

Vans Chukka Camo Floral 2 e1363198902919 Vans Hula Camo Pack

Are these exotic sneakers a must have for your collection? What on your thoughts?