VH1 “Tough Love” Host Steve Ward Is A Fraud (DETAILS)


In an exclusive report that hit the Internet this morning, Nik Richie from TheDirty.com revealed some damning evidence against the host and executive producer of Tough Love on VH1, Steve Ward. Ward is known as an expert on love, dating and relationships and  the CEO of Master Matchmakers.

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The company, founded by Steve’s mother, JoAnn Ward is a high end matchmaking service that has been coaching and connecting eligible singles to one another for over 20 years. Steve Ward has not only appeared on national television shows and magazines, he’s been hosting his own matchmaking show on VH1 for 6 seasons, but that might change after all this.

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Nik Richie, infamous for revealing dirt on celebrities, dropped a bomb this morning by revealing audio of Steve Ward meeting with a prostitute and basically confessing he’s a fraud. Not only does he say he doesn’t care about the show or it’s ratings, he reveals that people pay tons of money to come to his matchmaking firm and they can’t honestly think it’s going to really work. Oh, and he also has sex with the hooker and it’s all recorded as well!

This isn’t the first time Ward has been called out as a fraud, there’s tons of filed RipOff Reports online exposing him and his family’s business as fraudulent. But what makes Nik’s report even worse is that during the audio, which you can listen to at TheDirty.com , Steve Ward (who has a live-in girlfriend) basically says that if the hooker has sex with him, he’ll put her on his TV show.

Steve’s been dating Madison Pard for a while and they live together, but this also isn’t the first time Ward has been accused of cheating. TheDirty.com has been exposing dirt on the TV host for years now. It’s unclear where the fate of the show will fall after VH1 analyzes this or how Steve Ward will repair his reputation but if you listen to the entire audio HERE, the stuff he confesses is pretty bad for his family’s business, his TV show, his career and just for him, in life, in general.

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SOURCE: TheDirty.com

VH1 “Tough Love” Host Steve Ward Is A Fraud (DETAILS)