Vin Diesel Speaks Out After Paul Walker’s Death

vin diesel and paul walker in fast and furious 7 Vin Diesel Speaks Out After Paul Walkers Death

Paul Walker and Vin Diesel while filming “Fast and Furious 7″ (PHOTO CREDIT: Vin Diesel/Facebook)

Paul Walker‘s longtime “Fast and the Furious” co-star, Vin Diesel has finally spoken out about the death of his close friend and co-star on social media. On Monday, December 2, the actor took to his official Facebook page to pay tribute to the late 40-year old actor whom he refers to as a “brother.”

“To live in the hearts we leave behind, is not to die,” he wrote, quoting the poet Thomas Campbell. “Pablo, I wish you could see the world right now … and the profound impact, your full life has had on it, on Us … on me … I will always love you Brian, as the brother you were … on and off screen.”

Then late Monday night, Vin Diesel visited the crash site where Walker tragically died and used a police megaphone to express his gratitude to the crowd gathered there. He said to the fans:

“If my brother were here right now and saw all the love that you’re bringing here. If he could see for himself that all of you have showed up to show my brother love at this hard time, and that his family gets to see all of you show the love that you’ve shown Paul … It’s gonna stay with me forever. I just wanted to say thank you. Thank you for coming down here and showing that angel up in heaven how much you appreciated him.”

Paul Walker and Vin Diesel have co-starred on the Fast and Furious franchise since it’s first film in 2001. They were currently on break from filming the 7th installment for the Thanksgiving holiday. The cast and crew were supposed to begin shooting again on Sunday, November 30 in Atlanta, Ga.

Vin Diesel Paul Walker Fast Cast Vin Diesel Speaks Out After Paul Walkers Death

(PHOTO CREDIT: Vin Diesel/Facebook)

As far as the future of the franchise? It still remains unclear – but according to reports, the film will not be scrapped – however cast and crew are focusing on grieving right now and taking a break from filming. Other co-stars of the actor have expressed their grief, with another Fast co-star, Tyrese being one of the first celebrities to show up to the crash site on Sunday. The actor was obviously grief-stricken and cried as fans stood silent around him.

Tyrese Vin Diesel Speaks Out After Paul Walkers Death


Fast and Furious co-star Michelle Rodriguez posted to her Facebook page on Monday, “I’m gonna carry this torch for you brother, with a forced smile on my face and Im gonna open my heart just cause your telling me to.” Police are still currently investigating the crash but still state that speed may have played a factor in the deadly crash. CNN has reported that authorities have ruled out drag-racing as the reason for the pair speeding – despite contrary reports.

Paul Tyrese Vin Vin Diesel Speaks Out After Paul Walkers Death

(PHOTO CREDIT: Dave M. Benett/WireImage)

The 2005 Porsche Carrera GT that Roger Rodas was driving with Paul Walker in the passenger seat was reportedly having mechanical trouble prior to the pair taking it for a spin. Mechanics were at Rodas and Walker’s auto garage, attempting to back it in but struggling because it kept stalling. TMZ is reporting that the GT is essentially a race car and has sensitive handling that would not be able to run over a loose can on the road. The road Roger and Paul were driving down has reflective dots on it.

Porsche warned suppliers of the 2005 Carrera GT that “You need to be aware of what type of road surface you are on (dips; pot holes, seam heights, etc.).” There is video of the crash and point of impact online which we will not post – but you can view here – which shows the car exploding almost immediately upon colliding with the tree. Reportedly, due to the engine being in the rear of this car, it would not explode like that unless there was some sort of leak. As mentioned, cops are still investigating.

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Vin Diesel Speaks Out After Paul Walker’s Death