Vince Gilligan Moving Forward With Breaking Bad Spin-Off


One show that has manged to captivate audiences for five years is Breaking Bad.  The show is set to air its final eight episodes this August 11th.  However, Vince Gillian, the shows creator has been dropping hints of a spin off series which would focus on Walter’s (Bryan Cranston) corrupted lawyer, Saul Goodman played by the always hilarious Bob Odenkirk.  Well it looks like Gilligan is actually moving forward with the series.

saul Vince Gilligan Moving Forward With Breaking Bad Spin Off

Speaking with The Wrap, Gilligan said he moving “full speed ahead” with developing the project, and he intends to pitch the idea to Sony.  If the show gets picked up, Peter Gould, the writer who created Saul in Season 2 would be running the show.  Gillian said this when discussing ideas for the show:

“There’s a way to do both versions of the show. There’s a way to make it a half-hour show and make it a little more — I don’t want to say sitcom-y, but a little more traditionally half-hour comedic. Or there’s a way to do it where it fits more snuggly in with the “Breaking Bad” universe, in which it’s an hour-long show. As you can imagine with Saul Goodman as a character, a show like that would have to have plenty of humor to it. But also because he works for some pretty scary clientele sometimes, there’d be a bit of drama in it as well. We’re trying to nail that down. As of yet, we haven’t completely figured that out ourselves.”

Gilligan however was cautious in not saying if the show would be a prequel or sequel to the main series for fear of ruining what happens to the character at the end of Breaking Bad.

“Any chance I get to work with Giancarlo again, I would jump at the opportunity. He is a wonderful actor and such a sweet guy. … It’s kind of one of those “duh” moments where you think, ‘Of course he’s not Gus Fring, he’s an actor. He’s a very good actor.’ But I still get amazed even after doing this for so many years what a good actor can bring to a character, and how different a good actor can be in real life from the character they portray. Using Giancarlo as an example, this is a guy who is so sweet and kind and sort of tactile – as soon as he sees you he’ll bound across the room and give you a big hug. And he’s into yoga and he’s a very healthy guy. He wears his heart on his sleeve in the best possible way. And yet he can play a guy who’s as buttoned-down and cold and businesslike as Gus Fring.”

So whether it turns out to be a half hour or one hour show, prequel or sequel, I’m sure it will turn out to be awesome television. Read more at

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Vince Gilligan Moving Forward With Breaking Bad Spin-Off