Weed Country: Welcome To The Garden


So this past Wednesday night, I finally got a chance to see my most highly anticipated show of the year, Weed Country. After watching the replay of Episode 3: Rippers, I was hooked. The show’s potency made me want to pass it on to my twitter followers. By the time Episode 4: Unarmed and Dangerous came on, I decided to join one million other buddha enthusiasts in live tweeting with the hashtag #WeedCountry.

Screen shot 2013 03 15 at 5.20.28 PM1 Weed Country: Welcome To The Garden

Retweeted by Weed Country’s own Mattew Shotwel [image source: Twitter]

Weed Country is an American reality documentary television series on the Discovery Channel. The series premiered on February 20, 2013 during Discovery’s newest programming block titled Weed Wednesdays. The series follows dealers, growers and patients of the marijuana trade located within the Emerald Triangle along with the enforcers of the law, the Siskiyou County sheriffs office.

Emerald Triangle1 e1363465168405 Weed Country: Welcome To The GardenEmerald Triangle [image source: google]

Weed Country gives viewers a look at both sides of the field. The Growers and dealers feel as if they’re doing no wrong. Law Enforcement on the other hand will stop at nothing to blow the high of millions of patients in the Emerald Triangle. Mike Boutin owner of Grace Farms(a medical marijuana collective) located in the heart of the Emerald Triangle, is my favorite member of the cast. I feel Boutin represents the pot culture very diplomatically, despite being what some would look at as a rebel.

weed country tv show Weed Country: Welcome To The Garden

Mike Boutin at Grace Farms [image source:google]

Whether you indulge in cannabis or not, Weed Country is a must see. Be sure to catch Episode 5: Evil Around The Corner this upcoming Wednesday March 20th, 2013 at 10 P.M. Eastern time.

Until then, take this visual toke of Episode 1: Welcome To The Garden

Green All Around|Weed Country

Weed Country: Welcome To The Garden