Weiner’s Sexting Partner Masturbated On The American Flag


The U.S. Military is pissed off at Anthony Weiner‘s sexting partner for using the American Flag in her masturbation porn video. However, Steve Hirsch, the head honcho of Vivid Entertainment is so apologetic, he’s going as far as editing the flag out of the video.

sydney leathers cd3nzi Weiners Sexting Partner Masturbated On The American Flag

(Photo Credit: Vivid Entertainment)

Steve Hirsch apparently received a call from an active serviceman in Florida, complaining about Sydney Leathers‘ upcoming porn, in which she masturbates on top of the American Flag. The man was not exactly upset about the masturbation part, but more so about the fact that it happened on top of the red, white and blue.

The man felt the flag being involved pushed things too far and he was going to have the DVD banned from their base. Steve Hirsch profusely apologized to the man for offending anyone in the U.S. Military, who happens to be a major porn consumer for obvious reasons, and agreed to remove the American Flag from Vivid‘s website as well as from Sydney’s DVD. Apparently that did the trick and the man was satisfied with the resolution and can now happily enjoy the masturbation porn of Sydney Leathers as much as he pleases.


Weiner’s Sexting Partner Masturbated On The American Flag