What To Watch This Weekend


Its been a while, but the list of shows to watch on streaimng sites is back again. I still don’t have the downtime to enjoy binge watching anything but here are few for you to catch so that you can seem like you are at least aware of what everyone else wont shut up about.

Breaking Bad
You can catch this critically acclaimed universally loved show on Netflix. The new season will be starting soon so go ahead and watch the first five.

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The Boondocks
As someone who read the original comic I am a little biased towards this show and it’s creator. That being said it is a really funny show that is also smart.

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America’s Next Top Model
I know what you’re thinking, but this show isn’t just for shallow teen girls. It’s also for guys who appraciate hot girls standing around looking hot. Catch it on Hulu

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Sons Of Anarchy
Another show that return this fall. It’s about a biker gang doing biker gang things, killing, drug running, you know, the usual. It’s an excellent show and is also pretty much loved by everyone.

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Downton Abbey
Yes it was brought to the world via PBS, but is not actually boring. There aren’t a lot of explosions and the amount of midriffs that are visible is damn near zero, watch it anyway. It makes you seem cultured. Maybe.

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image source: fanpop,telegraph,comicvine,thecampuscompanion