What’s A Haboob?


chase field haboob e9niwg Whats A Haboob?

Ever heard of a haboob? Well, you probably have…just not by that name. A dust storm, or haboob, passed through Phoenix yesterday and overtook Chase Field as the Diamondbacks were playing the Padres. Luckily, they were able to close the roof and play through the storm. I seriously can’t imagine being outside during one of those things. Check out the images!

chase field ofi6uf Whats A Haboob?

chase field haboob 2 tgbx46 Whats A Haboob?

chase field game jbd75e Whats A Haboob?

Check out this eerie video of someone driving through a haboob in Phoenix.

Image Source: Fox Sports

What’s A Haboob?