Whoopi Goldberg Or Whoopi Cushion


Whoopi Goldberg1 Whoopi Goldberg Or Whoopi Cushion

Born Caryn Elaine Johnson, but has a stage name as Whoopi Goldberg.

On Tuesday night’s edition of “Watch What Happens Live,” Which airs on Bravo TV Networks Whoopi was asked by a caller, “How and when did you get the nickname Whoopi?”

“I’m a farter,” Whoopi said calmly. “You know, when you work in the theater, sometimes you do quick changes and you’re running around and sometimes you’re just letting go,””And it became, that was the joke: Whoopi.””Because I was a farter,”

The caller also asked what Whoopi’s real name was but she did not give it away, but she did say that Goldberg is a family name.

Host Andy Cohen said, “Thank you for your call. You got a really good answer out of that call!”