Why Do the Grammy’s Hate Boobs?


Nicki Minaj Boobs 593x409 Why Do the Grammys Hate Boobs?
So CBS is all set to host the Grammy awards this year but they are leaving out my favorite part! Execs at CBS have put the word out that they will be cracking down on the dress code this year and asking that the female artists show a little restraint with their choice of attire. Now we all remember J-Lo’s green dress she rocked when she was still with Puffy (when Puffy was still Puffy). It’s safe to say that the mystery behind how her twins were concealed under that shear piece of cloth was a puberty inducing mystery. Wait a sec I have to find that dress. Ok got it!

jennifer grammy dress 593x409 Why Do the Grammys Hate Boobs?

Now with all the risque stars up for nomination this, year this thing could go one of two ways. The first is that they listen to CBS and cover up which means artists like Nicki Minaj would show up without my two favorite girls. The second (and the one I’m praying to the breast and ass gods for) is that the artists would go Gaga on this thing and just reject the status quo with some of the most extreme outfits we’ve ever seen. No doubt I will be tuning in to the Grammy’s but if Katy Perry shows up in a turtle neck I’m tuning right back out, then I’m writing an angry post about it.