Why Tebow Is So Hated


tim tebow jets rdbfz3 Why Tebow Is So Hated

Tim Tebow is one of the most talked about and polarizing figures in sports. People love him or they hate him, but the guy has never done anything wrong. In fact, quite the opposite. He’s probably the best role model in sports, he’s got great character and work ethic. How can you hate someone like that?

One reason is because a lot of people feel like he’s loved by so many, but he hasn’t really accomplished anything. He had this amazing college career at Florida, but it hasn’t translated to the NFL. I think a lot of people are annoyed and just bitter that he gets so much attention, yet doesn’t perform.

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Another reason is that he wears his religion on his sleeve. He’s always been proud of his faith and has never tried to hide it. In fact, quite the opposite. After each and every game, Tebow gets on one knee to pray (which has been coined “Tebowing”). I admire the fact that he is open about it and uses football as his platform, but many people don’t.

I can understand being tired of the “Tebow Mania,” but that’s not his fault. Tim Tebow will continue to be himself whether he succeeds in the NFL or not. I think that’s something to be praised.

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Why Tebow Is So Hated