Would You Start Smith Or Sanchez?


smith sanchez practice plukap Would You Start Smith Or Sanchez?

This conversation will be had until week one of the NFL season…which is 13 weeks away, so I hope you’re not tired of it yet because we have a while to go. Every football fan knows the Jets picked up Geno Smith in the second round. Good or bad decision? We won’t know until the time comes for him to play in a game, but so far, sources say he’s doing well. Unfortunately, it’s the opposite for Sanchez. I’m not sure if the guy just doesn’t perform well under pressure, but if that’s the case NYC is definitely not the place for him.

Anyway, all that aside…who would YOU want to be your starting quarterback? Both have pros and cons, but it’s looking like more cons than pros at this point. Maybe I should rephrase the question: which is the lesser of two evils?

sanchez smith jets mopfdt Would You Start Smith Or Sanchez?

Geno Smith is obviously a rookie. While he does have a lot of talent, he doesn’t know the league yet and he’s got a lot of things to improve upon before he can start a game. You already know what you’re getting with Mark Sanchez. He had some success early on, but it’s since faded. Has Sanchez reached his ceiling? I think he’s definitely reached it in New York. If he moved to a different team with a different coach’s perspective and less of a spotlight, I can see him being successful. That being said, I would take Smith in week one.

Image Sources: sportstalkflorida, bleacherreport

Would You Start Smith Or Sanchez?