wtf. soiled panties for sale??


If you’re in the market for used panties, I have found the girl for you. Her name is Kayla, and she might just deserve entrepreneur of the decade award. This is the name of the game. She operates a website called, Kaylausedpanties. At this website you can purchase panties that Kayla wore while masturbating.

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“Hi, my name is Kayla and welcome to my used panty website. It’s such a turn on to know that people want to purchase my panties! I love to play with myself and soak each pair of my panties with my hot wet pussy cum juice.  Every pair is freshly made to order and custom made for YOU!  My panties has my sweet, tasty love juice creaming up the lining!  I wear them for 24 hours and have been fully masturbated in! I would love for you to have a taste. You will love to smell & taste me…Yummy! My tight pussy & panties will leave you intoxicated! Kisses! Kayla.”

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Wtf. Truly.

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wtf. soiled panties for sale??