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Coco and Breezy are twins that are also an exclusive deal. They work together and create together. The Minnesota twins moved to New York City with a dollar and a dream. The twins have built a sunglass empire off of that. Their initial designs where hand glued studs on sunglasses which started in 2009. In just a few years they created a world of difference. In the design and in themselves.

The twins have tore apart the youth connected with their previous eye catching hair and now opt for shaved heads, dark lipstick, and an absence of the shades they both designed and hid behind. They now sport bolder looks.

They are no longer the Coco and Breezy you may have known, and they’re celebrating with their new Omorose collection.

The word “Omorose” is a name for beautiful in Egyptian.

Coco and Breezy gave global grind exclusive talk on the new things coming with them and their clothing line.

Looking Back on First starting:
I don’t look back and think we should’ve done anything differently because they became a really big trend. I feel like when we first started them, they were super new in the market. Of course I wouldn’t say we were the first ones because we weren’t the first ones to do those glasses. But we did help, in the year 2009, bring back the trend of those glasses. Cause fashion is, you know, repetitive. You can never say you were the first to do anything, but we definitely helped with that trend. It is the same with every collection, I never say ‘oh, I wish I would’ve did this.’ You’ll just see it improve with each collection.

Inspiration on Designing:
First it starts off with music. I can’t design and I can’t work without music. But we’re very crazy with our music. We’ll have one day, where we’re just listening to Mozart, blasting it, and everyone will turn around asking us, ‘you’re really listening to Mozart?’ We go from Mozart to freakin’ “Mothafuckin Problems.” I think it’s the music range. We get so inspired by music. That’s what brings us into our mood when we design. And from there, we build our aesthetic.

People used to call us white girls and they would talk about us because we were straight from the suburbs. They would totally talk about us and just say all this bad stuff. All this nasty stuff. They ran us out of there. In eighth grade, I told my mom and dad I can’t. We got internet, cyber bullied. They wanted to fight us. They wanted to jump us for no reason. We didn’t do anything. Just for being ourselves. Being nice. You guys are too happy, why are you always smiling. We got that all our life. And now, people from there contact us. And you know it’s all about positivity.

Our mom and dad were the shit. They let us be ourselves at a young age. If we wanted to cut our hair, dye our hair, be into art. We grew up saying we wanted to be fashion designers. They didn’t say, no, you have to be a lawyer. They said, go for it girls, whatever you guys want to do. Just do it. I remember even third grade saying I wanted to be an entrepreneur. And be a business owner. Our parents would always like, whatever you guys want to do, do it.

On Change:
I think the most thing that has changed is, me, us, our minds. Yeah. I think really, us. I feel like we’ve found our inner selves. But of course, you never find yourself all the way through. I’ve grown a lot as a person. Before we were very timid and shy. But you know, you only live life once. So it’s like you can’t hold yourself in. That’s why we’ve grown a lot. I think even in the last six months we’ve grown a lot. Of course, cutting your hair was part of it. But like, even us, just walking in here not wearing sunglasses. What? You would not see us not wearing sunglasses. Because we were shy. It wasn’t us trying to be cocky or trying to be Hollywood. We were really nervous. That’s the reason why we created sunglasses, to block ourselves away. But now, we’ve grown as women. More confidence, more business savvy

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